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Glenn Gutnayer luxury single family homes in Illinois


“We are thrilled you accepted our offer on this home. We looked at a number of homes in Winnetka, but this home spoke to us even before we saw the completed example. Your attention to detail is readily apparent and your aesthetic is exactly what Cary and I are looking for! I would never have imagined saying to a designer/builder, "please finish it the way you think to best compliments your design", but that's exactly how we feel. We hope you will consider making this a true representation of your design, completing not just your signature interior, but by designing an outdoor fireplace grill and planting bed that compliments the exterior design. Moving Cary and her two young boys from San Antonio is a significant event in their lives and our truest desire is to see the look on their faces when they walk into their new home. Glenn, your design truly meets all of our needs and will give the Gerlinger family a home they can love for years to come.” - Tad Gerlinger

“Following 25 years of apartment living in Manhattan, we couldn’t wait to have our own house when we moved to Chicago last year. After looking at every available home in Highland Park, it was clear that Glenn’s top quality construction, innovative architecture and high-end materials and finishes were unsurpassed. From our first meeting, Glenn was a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work and do business with. In our final months of commuting between New York and Chicago, Glenn also became our General Contractor and arranged and oversaw all of the final work and finishes to our home. He was meticulous in his attention to detail, always on time and on-budget and consistently went the extra mile for us in every aspect of our work. Glenn distinguishes himself with his patience, integrity and talent and we would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future. In the meantime, our family is thrilled with our new home and Glenn has become a good friend.” - Avi Lewittes & Lara Prince, Homeowners

“Glenn Gutnayer has the unique ability of combining art and commerce in equal measure - which is rare. His ability to find meaningful solutions in a design context is often astonishing and poetic. Most professionals in the developer’s arena often have contempt for the world of refinement and elegance. This is not the case with Glenn Gutnayer. To the contrary, this is the most important aspect and that is why his work is heads and shoulders above the rest.” - Erik Johnson, Architect

"We were not really in the market for a home but we happened to notice this wonderful new Glenn Gutnayer Construction house for sale in our neighborhood. We decided to take a peak and knew right away that it was something special. We can’t imagine any other home that could have impressed us enough and inspired us to pick up and move around the corner. The uniqueness of the design and quality of the workmanship is superior. We love the old world character and understated elegance of our home. It is clear that Glenn loves what he does and he has been a pleasure to work with." - Lynn and Mike Froy, Homeowner

"I've had the pleasure of seeing several homes built by Glenn Gutnayer Construction and, as a designer, have had the opportunity to work with clients who purchased their homes. Glenn Gutnayer’s homes are timeless, classic designs that reflect a great interest in the detail of the architectural elements, how they function, and how they transition from space to space. There's nothing ordinary about these residences and there is always something new, wonderful and innovative to contemplate." - Beth Boyd, Wiley Design Group

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