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Our Simple Process

During initial no-cost consultations at the site, we will discuss with you the project (new construction or remodeling) in detail and offer general recommendations on advancing the construction process.

Once the scope of the project and budget range is mutually agreed upon, we ask you to sign a general letter of intent to proceed.

Next, at no cost to you, we participate in design concept meetings with the architect to ensure that you receive great design at an affordable cost.

    Glenn Gutnayer new foyer construction

  • Step 1. Engage Our Construction Services

    We often work on a FIXED COST basis. In this method we quote up front the total cost of the new construction including our fee.

    Any cost overruns or cost savings accrue to our company.

    The advantage of Fixed Cost to you is that the cost of your new home or remodeling project is known in advance.

    A second way to hire us is on a COST PLUS A PERCENTAGE FEE basis.

    In this method we take multiple bids for each trade and pass all costs and cost savings directly to you.

    There is an "open book" accounting and our fee is a percentage of those costs.

    A variation of this method is a COST PLUS FIXED FEE method.

    Here, we also take multiple bids for each trade and there is an "open book" accounting, but our fee is a fixed dollar amount.
  • Step 2. Apply for New Construction Permit

    Glenn Gutnayer Custom Homes will fill out all forms required for permit. Depending on the community, permits usually issue in 3-6 weeks.
  • Step 3. Begin Construction (For New Construction)
    1. Demolish existing house: 3 days. Sell any reusable parts of the home and place remaining debris in dumpster for sorting and recycling by waste hauler.
    2. Surveyor staking: 1 day. Set top of foundation elevation, building corners and foundation offsets.
    3. Trees Protection, inspection: 2 days. Prune roots near foundation. Install protective tree fencing around all trees. Remove trees where required.
    4. Excavation: 2 days: Strip topsoil to save for backfill, excavate foundation, haul away clay and dirt.
    5. Frame and pour foundation footings, inspection: 1-2 days
    6. Form and pour foundation walls, inspection: 1 week
    7. Pour basement floor: 1 day
    8. Cure concrete: 1 week. No work while concrete strengthens to full strength.
    9. Rough carpentry framing: 3-5 weeks. Install floor joints, build walls, and install roof rafters.
    10. Dry-In. 1 week. Install exterior waterproof membrane on walls. Cover roof with protective membrane.
    11. Rough-in HVAC, plumbing and electric, all rough-in inspections. 3 weeks
    12. Install windows and Exterior stone/masonry: 4 weeks.
    13. Install roof and counter flashing: 1-2 weeks.
    14. Spray Foam Insulation, inspection: 3 days.
    15. Drywall, tape and sand: 3 weeks. Install 5/8" standard drywall throughout. Mold resistant drywall in base-ment and blue board /Durarock in bathrooms for tiles.
    16. Prime Drywall: 2 days.
    17. Install hardwood floors: 10 days.
    18. Install window trim, doors and baseboard: 2 weeks.
    19. Install tiles, cabinets and other trim: 2-3 weeks.
    20. Trim out HVAC, plumbing electric, door hardware: 1 week.
    21. Install hardscapes and landscaping: 1 week.
    22. All final inspections: 1 day.
    23. Install carpeting: 2 days
    24. Clean up: 2 days.
    25. Warranty: 1 year. Full coverage from closing date.
    26. Enjoy your new home: A lifetime!

For a free consultation, please call Glenn Gutnayer at 847.962.3529 or email him at

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